Central European Case Studies

Smuk Péter (szerk.): Central European Case Studies, 2007, Batthyány Lajos Jogász Szakkollégium, Győr, ISBN: 978-963-06-3860-9


1. Brankica Radovanovic: Police Restructuring in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Failure or success?
2. Horváth András: The European Arrest Warrant in Germany, Poland and Hungary
3. Maciej Bernatt: Corporate Social Responsibility from the point of view of the fundamental rihts of the European Union
4. Hasan Engin Sener: Territorial reorganization of Hungary
5. Ilona Ilma Ilyés: The creation of the institutional structure of the romanian political system
6. Tatiana Tivlyukova: Guidelines for identification model and manipulation of the Mass Consciousness
7. Katarzyna Jarecka-Stepien: Polish and arab countries relations after 1989
8. Róbert Sándor Bencze: Resarsch merhodology and institutional anlysis of a european policy: The European Neighborhood Policy