Global and Local Issues Contents

Global and Local Issues from the Aspects of Law and Economy

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Edited by: Csilla Gömbös - János Kálmán - Barna Arnold Keserű, 2014, Győr, Univeristas Nonprofit Kft. - Batthyány Lajos Szakkollégium, 274 p. ISBN 978-615-5298-46-2 (pdf)



HORVÁTHY, Balázs | The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – The Revival of Bilateralism? (15) 

PÁNOVICS, Attila | Sustainable Development and its Principles (33) 

SZIGETI, Cecília – BORZÁN, Anita | If Ecological Footprint is Not the Answer, What is the Question? (51) 

ŞENER, Hasan Engin | The EU's Future Enlargement and its Challenges (65) 

SZERLETICS, Antal | Paternalism and Public Policy (75) 

DACE, Liga – EISMONTS, Janis | A Possible Tax Incentive in Latvia: Introduction of Intellectual Property Box Regime (141) 

FARKAS, Ádám | Do or Pretend? Thoughts about the Defence Economic Relations of the European Security and Defence Policy (156) 

GÖMBÖS, Csilla | The European Union’s Procedure for Concluding International Agreements after the Treaty of Lisbon (172) 

HANCZ, Patrik | The Global Corruption and the Anti-corruption Documents – Few Minds about the OECD’s Anti-bribery Convention and the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Their Impact on the Hungarian Legal System (184) 

HORVÁTH, Viktória | Issues of Homelessness (193) 

KÁLMÁN, János | The ESMA Case and Its Impact on the Legal Framework of the European Agencies (206) 

KONRÁD, László | Reorganization of the Hungarian Regional Public Administration – in the Centre: District Offices (220) 

LÁSZLÓ, Győző | Principles of the Hungarian Public Media Service (236) 

LAZAREVA, Marina | Stability as Property of Constitution: Russian Experience (243) 

NÉMETH, Tamás | Ownership Right, Real Estate Management and Fulfilling Public Tasks in Relation to the National Roads as Real Estates (250) 

POLGÁR, Miklós | Changed Rules of Data Protection and Private Policy in New Hungarian Civil Law Parallel with Regulation of EU (256) 

SZABAT-PRĘCIKOWSKA, Aleksandra | 10 Years in European Union – Infrastructure Development on the Example on Krakow City (261)